Fishing is getting better and better here in Sun Valley

Another great outing. I was scouting for an upcoming guide trip today. Found a new stretch of river that was so beautiful and holding some gorgeous Big Wood River Rainbows.

Ok, So I know you all hear the stories about the ones that got away and all that. BUT !
This fish was one that I landed, the one a few minutes previous was much larger and so strong, I had the fish on for over 5 min and nearly had him to the net when thrashing for the 4th or 5th time he came unbuttoned,,,,,, Gone !!!!!, this was on a new stretch of River I had never fished scouting for a new trip as I mentioned. and as usual the river blessed me with fish. The Sun Valley area is such an amazing story for Fly Fishing. The trout are wild, abundant, healthy, well fed and strong. Very Strong ! So this brilliant fish measured about 18″ and had to weigh nearly 2 lbs, it was so deep and so thick, truly an impressive fish.
The fish north of town here are larger, deeper,and thicker than others south of town…

Come see for your self,



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