Silver Creek Beast, Attacks at 1:00 am !

You know, one of the coolest things about Fly Fishing is the pursuit of one of those life changing fish. For Sturtevants Guide Paddy McIlvoy and Jim Musil, this was one of those outings. Jim called and we talked about fishing in the area, that call led to the “fish of a lifetime” dialog. As we finalized plans we set up a night trip for Giant Browns.
When Jim and his wife arrived the fishing began, their guide was Paddy McIlvoy… Paddy is famous for night fishing on world renowned Silver Creek. Night stalking for BIG trout is more than just fishing, it’s an entirely new adventure. Adrenaline pumping, nerve racking, exhilarating, and totally unforgettable. I think these photos do most of the talking.

So here goes,

Jim Musil holding the beast

OMG !!!! This is the fish of a lifetime !!

This boy is part fish !

Paddy McIlvoy, Fly Fishing Guide Extraordinaire !!!!

Just before the release, as Jim’s heart is pounding, it’s time to return this lovely fish and thank him for the good time. “Till Next Time!”

So was this the trout of a lifetime? Does the smile on Jim and Paddy’s face tell that story for you? I hope so……. FISH ON !!!!



One thought on “Silver Creek Beast, Attacks at 1:00 am !

  1. Thanks for the great write-up Brad. Paddy did a great job keeping me out of most of the potholes, dropoffs and sinkholes while we maneuvered around Silver Creek in complete (no moon) darkness searching for those spots that held one of these giants. We actually started fishing around 9:00pm and blind casting in the darkness at several spots produced some hits but I was slow with the strike; remember you can’t see a thing, you have to set the hook from the “explosion” of the strike!!!
    It all worked out for this beast around 1:30am. 4&1/2 hrs of casting Paddy’s 8wt in the darkness is well worth it as most anyone can imagine. Not for the faint at heart and not possible without a great guide! Thank you Brad & Paddy!!!

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