Wild women spotted on the river !!!

One of the best things about guiding here in Sun Valley is the people you meet.

Last week I had the total honor to meet Susan and Courtney….
After some time in the store and insistence from Susan,(more on insistent Susan later, LOL !) we made a date. We all hit the Big Wood at about 10:00 am and right away Ms Susan was into fish ! Courtney was not far behind. The laughter, ribbing was rich and robust, as were the feisty Big Wood River Rainbows. We ran dropper midges all morning and a few drys in the early afternoon. The water, Cliffs and Skies were beautiful, a few rain showers and rays of golden fall sun made the day just perfect.

Two Lovely ladies out on the River

Fish On !!!! Go Susan

Look ! Look ! Look !

Very nice Big Wood Fish !
Caught between Hailey and Ketchum on a Zebra Midge dropper

OH ! My Gosh !!!
Is this lady ever gona put me back in the water ?!
( No Animals were hurt in the filming of this movie )

You know folks, time on the river is priceless,


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