Big Wood RiverAugust 2013

You guys,,,,, I’m sure all heard that  Ketchum and Sun Valley Burned to the ground !

Right !!   Well,, the Beaver Creek Fire, Little Queens Fire and Kelly Fire were all an issue here in the inner Mountain area.
Fire is a summer fact in a lot of the region,, and from year to year mamy fires have had a significant impact on local lives. (Thank you so very much to fire fighting teams from all over the west for helping us with this summers fire season.) And we’re here and open for business, in fact this weekend it was a bumper crowd of laughing, lovely people under blue bird skies.

The thing I find most interesting is how fast people that live here respond and move on.
Fire ( Lightning Strike, Summer Thunder Storm Fire ) has been around since the modern age of North America. It,, un to it self is a healthy part of rejuvenating the Forest, the Soil and taking down fuel loads and insect populations. So does that mitigate the scare, and fright of being nearly run over by a 100,000 acre burning monster? Nope, but, after seeing nearly 1200 brave hard working men and women pull out a gigantic can of Whoop Ass and beat that monster back at nearly every critical boundary.

It does stand as testimony to the human spirit and will of the great people of Idaho, and in fact all over the USA that get back on the horse and get back to their lives.

And with that, lets talk fishing. Fly Fishing is after all why this little blog was birthed and still exists today. Fly Fishing is truly part of the passion for the region around us here in Sun Valley and for many is a passion so deep that nothing else can top it……..

So, the Big Wood River has been nearly un fishable since the fire , a few rains and the newly clean canyons of the Warm Springs Creek drainage and the Baker Creek Drainage have turned the central and lower big wood into a coffee colored flow. We are all hoping for little damage to the fish. But, we will just have to wait and see as the hills sprout some grass and the snow falls to hold the hills till spring.

However Fishing in the region has been great on many fronts. Big Lost River, Awesome as usual. The entire Copper Basin and Trail Creek Valley up in the high country has been amazing. Silver Creek, World Class as always, And a little fished area just north of town.

I tend to fish as close to home as I can, just so I can get out several times a week.
After the Fire I went exploring to find clear water and new vistas for my mountain soul.

Wa La ! I found a gem of an alpine fishery, one that no one has talked about, isn’t crowded, and has a lot of eager gorgeous fish that love grabbing flies. Where you might ask??? I am more than hesitant to publish it outright. It’s a small area, and could be easily over run and over fished. If you are really interested, reach out and or call.

To say the least over a couple of weeks in 3 and 4 hour outings, Ive caught and released well over a hundred gorgeous fish, in crystal clear waters and only ran into one other angler, Jeff whom was sent there by me….. SO much fun. So here are some pics for you all. I was there yesterday as a mater of fact as you will see in the photos, there is snow in the high country…. This little area is one of the most beautiful i’ve seen here yet.Chunky Little Monkey

One, Chunky Little Fish, young and well fed I’d say.

Canyon Camp
Canyon Camp, reminds me of fishing when I was a kid in Washington. I parker here a couple of times and fished up a bit and hiked back… Rejuvenates the soul.

Surprise numerous fish of over 14" in such small water

Surprise numerous fish of over 14″ in such small water

On this outing, I caught over 30 fish in about 3 hours and many were like this one 14″ plus

Amazing Idaho Vistas abound

Amazing Idaho Vistas abound



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