Spring Fly Fishing, Sun Valley Idaho

Big Lost River Bow May 2014   Well gang, Ski season is really over,,, and thus my mind turns to fly fishing and roller blading. I try every spring to make a few trips to the Big Lost River in Mackay Idaho. It takes about an hour and a half to drive around the bottom and get onto the water. OMG !!!!!, Now I remember why I make that trek. On Saturday the 3rd I hooked and landed about 30 fish in 4 hours, broke off a few, and unbuttoned a few…. The amazing thing about the Lost River is the average size of these gorgeous fish. It seems like the average is nearly 18 inches with the bigger fish being nearly 20 inches. Now before you go off on “yea everyone says that,” especially George Rizzo…LOL ! Pay attention, my net is inch marked along the bottom and these fish don’t need embellishment. The one here in the net is an easy 19″ about 2 lbs I’d guess and was one of about 10 caught in the same plunge.

So, here we are well into spring and as usual the Fly Fishing here in the Sun valley area is amazing. The fly selection was bead head nymphs small as hell fished below a dry fly and or indicator. On this particular day the dry fly action was nearly a 0, there were a few Baetis hatching and a few fish sipping, but the action was about 2 to 3 feet under that.
Summer fishing will likely be good although water levels may be a bit low due to lighter snow fall this past winter. Plan early and be flexible and lets make some dates for you to come to Sun Valley and catch a mess of wild trout to fill your camera roll too…..

New things will be happening with where I hang my guides license this year, I’m excited to share the story, more on that later…. “FISH ON !!!!” Brad


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