Mackay Madness

About 15 min of working to hook this 25" + Big Lost Beast

About 15 min work to hook this 25+” Big Lost Beast

Howdy Ya’ll, It’s been a while since I brought you up to date on adventure fishing here in the Sun Valley area. Last Sunday was rewarding to say the least over near the town of Mackay (Mackey) as it’s called. The river was low and slow, warm really below the lake.

The fishing was slow in the middle of the day while I was there. As the afternoon rolled on in the warm Idaho sun, I moved over quite a bit of water trying to put the puzzle together and catch some nice fish on the Lost. Finally the answer a #16 (really not gona say) tied well below an indicator and fished across and up was the ticket.

Several very large fish came to the fly with this beast being the best of the bunch. I was marching up river to give some room to two other anglers below and explore some new water, when I spotted this and one other fish holding near the bottom and grabbing the occasional nymph. I nearly kicked them out of sight for the day,  I gasped and froze…….
I slowly backed down a few feet and went to work.

Within about 15 min I hooked 1 of the two, a great fish of over 21″ let her go and went back to see if her roommate was still there, Yup he was.
Another 10 min cast and re cast to set up the perfect drift and BAM ! the run was on.

You know my heart still pounds when I hook a really great fish, it never gets old, hundreds of fish a year and so many memories.

Reach out and let me know your thoughts, heck maybe lets fish together.

I’m not guiding this year, but we can meet up on the river and surprise a few trout together.

Tight Lines




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